Systemair RVK Fans


Systemair RVK fans set the standard to which all grow room fans are measured. A firm favourite among growers for decades – bulletproof reliability and durability.

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Systemair RVK Fans

Systemair RVK fans connect to carbon filters and silencers with ease. They run quietly with low vibrations. RVK fans are speed controllable with Triac or Voltage controllers are and easy to install anywhere in your grow room.

RVK fans have backward-curved blades and external rotor motors. The mounting clamp facilitates easy installation and removal, and prevents the transfer of vibration to the duct or mounting surface. The fans can be mounted in any position (using the mounting clamp supplied) and come in a variety of popular sizes, in high and low speed variations. All Systemair RVK fans can be used with a fan speed controller.

  • Speed controllable
  • Integral thermal contacts
  • Can be installed in any position
  • Includes mounting bracket
  • Maintenance free and reliable
SizeMax Air FlowRecommended FilterPower Consumption
100 A1 (4inch)184 m3/hrCarboAir Pro 50 100x33029.1W
125 A1 (5inch)220 m3/hrCarboAir Pro 50 125x33029.2W
125 L1 (5inch)323 m3/hrCarboAir Pro 50 125x33058.8W
150 A1 (6inch)428 m3/hrCarboAir Pro 50 150x33059.6W
150 A1 (6inch)720 m3/hrCarboAir Pro 50 150x660109W
200 A1 (8inch)796 m3/hrCarboAir Pro 50 200x500104W
200 L1 (8inch)1073 m3/hrCarboAir Pro 50 200x660153W
250 A1 (10 inch)860 m3/hrCarboAir Pro 50 250x500109W
250 L1 (10 inch)1134 m3/hrCarboAir Pro 50 250x660159W
315 A1 (12 inch)1362 m3/hrCarboAir Pro 50 315x660222W

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