Street Light SL-900 LED

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900W Full Fixture 8 BAR LED Grow Light

The SL-900 8 BAR LED lighting fixture is designed to deliver an industry leading 2.85µmol/J and 2450 µmol/s PPF using only top quality LEDs. This powerful full-spectrum fixture is designed for full term plant growth from vegetative stage through to harvest.

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  • Optimised spectrum for all phases of plant growth
  • 416 LED diodes per bar. Total 3328 LED diodes per unit
  • Wide ranging spectrum warm white, natural white and red
  • Sleek, robust aluminium alloy hosing
  • LED Efficacy 2.85µmol/J with top quality LED diodes
  • Total PPF: 2450µmol/s
  • Manual Dimming: 360W, 410W, 540W, 720W & 900W
  • Digital dimming via 0-10v Smart Controller (not included)
  • 3-metre lead with UK plug
  • Superior lighting uniformity across the plant canopy
  • Extremely efficient at converting power into useable light
  • Massive heat sink keeps the LED’s running cool
  • Passive cooling
  • No moving parts, virtually silent operation
  • Built to meet IP64 standards, dust and splash resistant
  • Fully assembled, plug and play design