Smartgro Thermometer and Hygrometer


The Smartgro Thermometer / Hygrometer is ideal for measuring the temperature and humidity in grow rooms and other indoor spaces.

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Smartgro Thermometer / Hygrometers have a 10,000 hour battery life, meaning the battery will only need changing every 12 months.

The Smartgro Thermometer / Hygrometer features a large LCD display. It also has a max/min function to record the highest and lowest temperatures and humidities. Temperature is measured over the range of 0 to 50 °C with a resolution of 1 °C and an accuracy of ±1 °C. Humidity is measured over the range of 10 to 99%rh with a resolution of 1%rh and an accuracy of ±5%rh.

The Thermometer / Hygrometer is housed in an ABS case, that incorporates a useful foldaway stand and a keyhole slot for hanging on a wall.