SHOGUN Silicon


SHOGUN Silicon protects and fortifies your plants against attack from both disease and pests whilst also strengthening the very structure of the plant. Extremely concentrated and designed for maximum plant uptake, SHOGUN Silicon creates significantly enhanced cell wall strength that provides the basis for strong healthy development and maximum environmental resistance.

Dilution Rate: 1ml per litre

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Silicon is often overlooked in many nutrient regimes, but the wide range of benefits that it can facilitate are hugely beneficial to your plant. Silicon is not exactly a nutrient as your plants do not consume it as a source of nutrition – it does however enter the plant’s structure via your nutrient solution and provides numerous structural benefits to the plant.

Silicic acid is a weak acid that forms when SHOGUN Silicon is dissolved in water. It exists as this in solutions with a pH less than 7. Above 7, it dissociates into the silicate anion that can react with calcium and magnesium to cause nutrient solution clouding (see below on how important correct mixing is!).

Correct Mixing:

If you want to see all of the benefits that SHOGUN Silicon can offer then it’s essential that you mix your solution correctly (as described below in the usage instructions). If you don’t follow this order – for example if you add your nutrients to the tank first and then add concentrated SHOGUN Silicon without adjusting your pH then you will see a plume of cloudy liquid appear as you add the silicon. This will rapidly dissipate, but you’ve immediately lost some of the benefits of silicic acid and will cause some of the calcium and magnesium in your solution to precipitate and “drop out” of solution. This is not a great idea and is very easily avoidable by adding your SHOGUN Silicon FIRST to plain water and then adjusting your pH to below 7 before adding your nutrients. The key point to recognize is that the pH cannot be above 7 when the Silicon and nutrients make contact. Follow this golden rule and your SHOGUN Silicon benefits will remain maximised.


Root Feed – Add plain water to your nutrient reservoir or watering can. Then add SHOGUN Silicon at a rate of 1ml per litre to your nutrient reservoir or watering can. Before adding the nutrient, reduce the pH to just below 7 and then add your additives and nutrients. Repeat method for tank change/refill. Use throughout the life of the crop.

Feed charts are available from the SHOGUN Fertilisers website.