Rope Ratchet Light Hangers Pack Of 2


Rope Ratchet hangers pull tight and lock into place. They can hold up to 68kg which is more than enough for most reflectors.

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Rope Ratchets are heavy duty and enable you to lift, hang and manoeuvre heavy reflectors and carbon filters easily.

Firstly, they have a handling capacity of 34Kg each. And are the easiest way to hang lights over plants. They feature metal carabiner hooks and are sold as a pair.

Secondly, Rope Ratchets are easy to use and adjust with minimal fuss. They feature an release clip allowing you to adjust the position of the reflectors, for instance. Each hanger adjusts to any height allowing you to lower and raise your lights with ease.

Thirdly, Rope Ratchets will allow you to raise and lower light without dismantling your lighting system. And enable you to avoid potentially damaging your plants in the process.