Rhino Ultra Smart EC Fan Controller with Thermal Probe

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Rhino Ultra Smart EC Fan Controllers plug directly into Rhino Ultra EC Fans (up to 4). And are designed to intelligently react to changes in temperature and adjust the fans accordingly, optimising your grow room ventilation.

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Auto Mode

In auto mode, the Rhino Ultra Smart EC Controller can maintain your desired temperature level by automatically adjusting the speed of all connected fans.

Manual Mode

In manual mode it will maintain a constant speed on all connected fans.


Powering The Controller

  • The speed controller receives power through its connection to the fan.
  • Once the thermal probe and at least one EC fan is connected to the controller, the POWER button will illuminate on the screen.


  • While the controller is powered OFF and connected to a fan, press and hold the MODE button for 3 seconds
  • Once the temperature appears on the screen, use the UP and DOWN buttons to select desired temperature format
  • Press the POWER button to save your preference

Display on/off (night mode)

  • While the controller is powered ON, the display can be turned off by pressing the MODE and UP buttons simultaneously
  • The display can be turned back on at any time by pressing any button

Lock Controller Buttons

  • To prevent any changes to your settings, you can lock the controller.
  • You can LOCK and UNLOCK the controller by pressing the UP and DOWN buttons simultaneously
  • The PADLOCK icon will flash on the screen when the controller is locked.

Manual/Auto Mode

  • Press the MODE button for 3 seconds to switch between MANUAL and AUTO modes
  • The current mode is indicated by the AUTO or MANUAL icons in the top central section of the display

Manual Mode

  • MANUAL MODE allows your fans at a constant speed level, regardless of room temperature
  • MANUAL MODE is indicated by the HAND icon
  • To select the desired speed level, press the UP and DOWN buttons on the controller
  • You can select between six speed levels, correspond to the following percentages of the maximum fan motor output
    • Level 0 – 0%
    • Level 1 – 15%
    • Level 2 – 32%
    • Level 3 – 50%
    • Level 4 – 67%
    • Level 5 – 83%
    • Level 6 – 100%
  • The selected speed is indicated by the IMPELLER icon and the number between 0 to 6

Programmable Auto Mode

  • AUTO MODE allows the controller to automatically adjust the speed of the connected fans to maintain your predetermined target temperature
  • To set up AUTO MODE ensure that the AUTO icon is displayed, if you see the HAND icon press and hold the MODE button for 3 seconds until the icon switches to AUTO
  • Use the UP and DOWN buttons to select the desired temperature.
  • The desired temperature can be set from 0 °C (32 °F) to 60 °C (140 °F)

Auto Mode Baseline Speed

  • BASELINE (DEFAULT) speed level is the speed maintained by the controller when the desired temperature has been reached
  • Select the BASELINE speed level by pressing the MODE button once while in AUTO MODE
  • The number displayed under the spinning propeller icon will start blinking, allowing you select a fan speed from 0 to 6
  • We recommend a BASELINE between 1 to 3, so the fan maintains low to medium airflow at all times
  • If your application requires the fan to turn off when the target temperature is reached, the BASELINE speed must be set to 0


  • TEMPERATURE ALARM feature allows the user to select the temperature level, that once reached will trigger the fans to accelerate to full speed
  • The fan will override the current speed setting and blow at maximum speed the temperature reduces below the TEMPERATURE ALARM level or is cancelled by the user
  • To access the TEMPERATURE ALARM setup, while the controller is OFF but connected to the fan, press and hold the UP button for 3 seconds.
  • Press the UP or DOWN buttons to select the temperature in which you want the alarm to trigger
  • Once you have selected the TEMPERATURE ALARM  trigger level, press the POWER button to save it and power ON the controller
  • Once the controller is powered ON, active the TEMPERATURE ALARM feature by pressing and holding the MODE and DOWN buttons simultaneously until the BELL icon illuminates on the display
  • To deactivate the TEMPERATURE ALARM feature press and hold the MODE and DOWN buttons simultaneously until the BELL icon disappears from the display


  • Smart Controller
  • Thermal Probe
  • User Manual
  • Mounting bracket and screws