Rhino Twin Speed Mixed Flow Fans


Rhino Twin Speed Mixed Flow fans have been designed to remove stale and humid air from your environment.

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Simple to use as a plug and play fan with an added advantage of a build-in twin speed switch helping you achieve optimum growing conditions.

The fans come with a mounting cradle supplied and can be used as either an intake or outtake fan due to its twin speed switch. They have angled impeller blades to provide maximum airflow.


4″ / 100mm

  • Low power 165m3 ph / 23 Watts
  • High power 199m3 ph / 26 Watts

5″ / 125mm

  • Low power 248m3 ph / 28 Watts
  • High power 284m3 ph / 33 Watts

6″ / 150mm

  • Low power 410m3 ph / 44 Watts
  • High power 530m3 ph / 54 Watts