Revolution Vector EC Fans


Systemair Revolution Vector EC Fans are quite simply a cut above the competition. With a free running, double balanced axial impeller with matching guide veins, coupled to powerful efficient German motors make these fans more powerful and more efficient than any other hydroponics fan in this class.

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Revolution Vector EC Fans

Revolution Vector EC fan use state of the art EC technology. Making them more powerful and over 50% more efficient than standard AC fans, with no humming or buzzing at low speeds. These fans are the most efficient powerful duct fans of their size. They can be precisely controlled with an EC Controller to get complete control over your grow room environment.

  • Flow optimised free running plastic axial impeller
  • The impeller is balanced to reduce vibration and noise
  • Capability to put fans in series to double pressure
  • Thermal motor protection
  • Maintenance free and reliable quality – made in Germany
SizeMax Air FlowRecommended FilterPower Consumption
150 EC (6inch)796 m3/hrCarboAir Pro 60 150x66076W
200 EC (8inch)1332 m3/hrCarboAir Pro 60 200x660117W
250 EC (10 inch)1822 m3/hrCarboAir Pro 60 250x660126W
250L EC (10inch)2077 m3/hrCarboAir Pro 60 250x1000165W

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