Newa Maxi Jet Pump


Newa Maxi pumps are fully sealed and can be used externally, partially or fully submerged.



The NEWA Maxi has an outlet that can be rotated 360o and a water tight impeller chamber.

NEWA Maxi pumps and virtually indestructible, there is no risk of the motor over-heating if the pump is misused, left to run dry or the rotor jams.

For optimum performance it is best to periodically clean the internal moving parts as follows:
Remove the outlet by rotating and remove the rotor from its shaft.
Clean with warm water and with the help of a small brush.
If the rotor becomes encrusted with lime-scale, use vinegar or lemon juice to remove this.
Do not use solvents.

Key features:

  • External or Submersible
  • Minimal mainteinance
  • Motor self-protected form overheating
  • Economical
  • Works in just 2cm of water
  • 4 Suction cups for stability
  • Hard wired with 2m cable and 13A UK plug

WARNING: The MJ1000 has special thermal protection circuit. If abnormal operating conditions are encountered, disconnect the appliance from the electrical power supply for a minimum of one hour before reconnecting the plug to the socket.