Mission Controls SuperSilent™ Temperature Controller 4A


The SuperSilent™ Temperature Controller with Perfect-Sine™ combines the most desirable and sought after combination of features into this state of the art fan controller.

Ultra-silent and ultra-smooth fan speed control that is highly accurate, energy-efficient and kind on motors.

Set target room temperature and the SuperSilent™ Temperature Controller will make predictive changes to intake and outtake fan speed to maintain the set temperature.




  • Controls up to 2 fans
  • Ultra-smooth & ultra-silent
  • Highly accurate & energy efficient
  • Fixed temperature sensor NTC 3m
  • Fixed Night-Pulse™ sensor LDR 3m
  • Kind on motors
  • Integral wall mount
  • Power lead 3m
  • 2 year warranty
  • CE Certified


Dynamic fan speed control. Smooth and fluid fan movement delivers accurate results whilst limiting unnecessary fan noise.

  • Wide range fan speed control
  • Fans always find the perfect speed
  • Smooth, fluid fan speed movement
  • No sudden jumps in fan speed


Software controlled temperature monitoring. Detects changes in room conditions and reacts quickly by adjusting fans to maintain temperature.

  • Micro-processor enabled temperature control system
  • Sensor performs routine scans of environment conditions
  • System controls temperature by making appropriate adjustments to fan speed


Synchronisation of fans for perfectly balanced airflow with no risk of air pressure loss, day or night.

  • Synchronises intake and outtake fans for perfectly balanced airflow
  • Allows precise control of temperature, humidity and CO2
  • Prevents air leaks
  • Creates a more stable environment


Improves nighttime conditions by allowing the room to ‘breath’ during the dark cycle. Gentle air changes at night keeps air fresh and maintains a healthy growing environment.

  • Activates a short, gentle pulse of airflow at strategic points during the dark cycle
  • Clears stale air, airborne contaminants and excess humidity
  • Maintains a healthy growing environment to reduce the risk of disease
  • User activated


Ensures silent fan speed control with no humming or buzzing.

  • Eliminates the interference that causes fan motors to hum or buzz
  • Perfectly silent fan operation, even at lower speeds


Perfect-Sine™ technology delivers highly accurate, ultra-smooth, ultra-silent fan speed control with high energy efficiency.

  • Pure waveform frequency controller
  • Ultra-silent, ultra-smooth, vibration-free fan speed control
  • Greatly reduces mechanical wear on motors
  • Extends fan life
  • Power usage decreases proportionally with fan speed