Maxiswitch 13A 4 Way Relay with Grasslin Timer


Maxiswitch 13A 4 way relay with integrated Grasslin timer for switching HID lights.

WARNING: Do not plug unit into extensions or socket adapters.

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Before plugging anything into the control unit, insert the control unit’s plug into a suitable wall socket.

Set the current time on the timer by rotating the minute hand until the arrow head aligns with the correct time. To set ON times, move all tappets between ON and OFF times required to outer position. Set any other ON periods required in a similar manner. The manual override switch on the timer has 3 settings. The position marked ‘I’ indicates that the unit will be permanently on, regardless of tappet positions. The position marked ‘O’ indicates that the until will be permanently off regardless of tappet positions. The ‘clock’ position indicates that the timer will switch ON/OFF according to the tappet positions you have selected.

Plug your appliances into the control unit’s sockets, making sure that the maximum load does not exceed 13A. Refer to the respective appliance’s instructions for the number of amps that they draw.

Key features:

  • 13A (2kW) of relay switching
  • Requires one plug socket
  • Integrated Grasslin timer
  • On/Off operation
  • 2 year guarantee