Maxiswitch 10A 2 Way Relay


Maxiswitch 10A 2 way relay for switching HID lights.

WARNING: Do not plug unit into extensions or socket adapters.

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This unit requires two mains sockets next to each other to operate. Before plugging anything into
the control unit, insert the plug labelled ‘Mains’ into one of the wall sockets. Plug the timer into the
other wall socket and then insert the plug labelled ‘Timer’ into the timer.

Set the correct time on the timer and it’s on\off periods as required. Refer to timer instructions.

Plug the appliances into the control unit’s sockets.

Key features:

  • 10A (2kW) of relay switching
  • Requires two plug sockets
  • Requires additional timer (not supplied)
  • On/Off operation
  • 2 year guarantee