Ionic Coco Grow


These formulations of IONIC can be used with fertile soil mixes or with artificial soils. They are precisely formulated for the needs of plants in soil and are heavily fortified with complex organic plant acids, which will enhance the health and vitality of the soil as well as the plant.

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Ionic Coco Grow is an advanced, yet easy to use formulation. Coco Grows essential nutrients are chemically bonded together in a stable form until they are taken up, the nutrients are then delivered in the exact ratios required by the plant. This precise delivery of nutrients results in consistent plant growth. Micro nutrients, such as cobalt and nickel, allow plants to efficiently process the available nitrogen and support the production of vitamins and enzymes.

The complex formulation within Ionic Coco Grow ensures that most growers have no need to further adjust pH.


  • Shake well before use
  • Use at 7ml per 1 litre of water
  • Recommended pH value: 5.5-6.2