Hydroflow Auto Top Up


The Hydroflow Auto Top-Up kit is ideal for keeping your system topped up with vital water and nutrients throughout the growing season.

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One of the major risks with hydroponics is the reservoir tank running dry. If that happens then it won’t be a very long time before your plants dry out and foliage begins to wilt and weaken. Once this happens roots can become damaged and vulnerable to infection, impacting the health of your plants, and ultimately your final yields.

Most hydroponics systems utilise a reservoir tank from which plants are fed. This can be either constant feeding as with an NFT system or periodically in systems such as the Origin dripper. The amount of water that plants use changes depending on their size, air temperature and the relative humidity. Regular reservoir water level checking is highly recommended. However, at times even the most diligent of growers can get caught out by the plants consuming all the water. If that should ever happen, your plants will not get the water that they need, which will eventually lead to wilting, root damage and eventually death.

The ingenious Hydroflow Auto Top-up Kit from Nutriculture Grow Systems allows you to create an automated top-up system, preventing your reservoir from ever running dry.

When the fill level of the reservoir tank drops, the float drops down which opens it, allowing water to flow from the header tank into the reservoir tank, topping it back up. Once enough water has topped up the header tank, the float rises, closing off the flow of water. This ensures that the hydroponics reservoir is always topped up and that your plants never go dry. Better yet, the float valve can be adjusted so that it can be fitted either vertically (from the top of the reservoir) or horizontally (from the side of the reservoir).


  • Maintain water levels on multiple systems
  • Automatically tops-up and maintains nutrient levels in your reservoirs from a header tank
  • Leave plants for longer and keep them fed
  • Reduces growers’ labour of regular tank filling and inspection – no need to hand water


  • 1x Hydroflow Float Valve
  • 1x Water butt connector with mesh filter
  • 1x Rubber ‘O’ ring
  • 1x 6mm Take off
  • 1x 1.8m (6ft) Supply tube