Grodan Rockwool Propagation Cubes


Grodan Rockwool Propagation Cubes are ideal for seed or cutting propagation, the cubes are supplied in their own handy plastic tray for easy handling. Once young plants are well rooted they can be transplanted to a larger Grodan Delta Cubes or pots.

Trays are 530mm x 310mm and fit perfectly in an X-Stream Heat Propagator.

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  • Completely sterile and inert and ideal hydroponic growing
  • Reduced risk of pests and disease
  • Even root growth thanks to┬ápredominantly vertical fibre structure
  • Designed for optimum air / water balance resulting in increased root growth
  • Uniform quality and structure so water content and EC (CF) will remain the same for all plants
  • Easy to re-saturate if it dries out, reducing the risk of root damage