Gavita Master Controller


With Gavita Master controllers control is at your fingertips, with features like dim, boost, sunrise and sunset. Along with safety control features, logging and independent light cycles (EL2 only).

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Gavita Master controllers are easy to set-up. The two line display is sharp and easy to read, even in a high light intensity environment. The 4-button control of the menu system is intuitive. A fifth button is added to directly set the output of your fixtures. Red and blue LEDs show you the output status of your controller ports and give you a quick view of any errors.

The wiring system is plug and play with all the cables you need already included with each e-series fixture.

The controller is wall mountable via the supplied bracket. Enabling easy access to the wiring at the bottom of the controller.

The Gavita Master controllers most important features are the temperature safety features. Lamps will automatically dim when your fans cannot control the correct temperature. Or will even shut down your lamps when a maximum temperature is reached.

Whether you control two fixtures or 80 (EL2 only), the Gavita Master controller will do the job. Each output channel can control 40 fixtures.

With the EL2 you can also connect a Gavita ECM units which allow you to switch auxiliary equipment, such as CO2 units and heaters, during the lights-on and light-off periods.

Key features:

  • Switch, dim and boost centrally
  • Simple to program with 5 language interface
  • Plug and play
  • Auto dim and shutdown
  • Non-volatile memory to store settings.
  • Logging for high/low temperatures, last auto dim, last shutdown and last power loss.
  • Separate sunrise and sunset control
  • 3 year warranty
  • EL2 models have independent cycles for two overlapping cycles (12/12 and 18/6)