CANNA Aqua Vega A&B


CANNA Aqua Vega is a fast working nutrient for plants containing all the essential elements for optimal growing. The growing phase is important, because during this phase the plants lay the basis for an exuberant bloom and yield. Aqua Vega is used in recirculating systems, such as NFT or flood and drain systems.

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  • Aqua Vega is easy to use and dissolves directly. Aqua Vega nutrition contains pH-stabilizers, so there is no need to adjust the pH
  • Aqua Vega ensures a strong plant with vital growth spurts and excessive root development
  • Directly absorbable nitrogen compounds, high quality EDDHA iron chelating agents and trace elements guarantee an ideal start for the bloom phase

CANNA Aqua Vega nutrients consist of two parts, these parts are separate for a reason. Some of the elements in part A and B do not mix well together when undiluted and as such cannot be absorbed by the plant.


  • Shake well before use
  • Use at 2ml per 1 litre of water
  • Recommended pH value: 5.2-6.2
  • Renew the solution regularly