AQUAvalve5 – compatible with 9mm pipe & fittings


The new AQUAvalve5 has a 5mm inlet (66% bigger than the previous model), giving  a faster flow for a quicker fill, maximising system efficiency. Maintenance is reduced and the risk of blockages minimised.



Once connected to the water supply, the AQUAvalve5 in every AutoPot Watering System controls the flow of water to the plants by simple gravity pressure from a reservoir of any size. No pumps, mains water pressure, electricity or timers are ever required.

The AQUAvalve5 is an exceptionally responsive means of feeding. It opens to supply water to a 20mm depth and then closes. Once the plants have used that supply the AQUAvalve5 reopens to repeat the cycle. No need to second guess plant requirements, compensate for conditions or re-calibrate unnecessary pumps or computers.