Mission Controls DigiStep™ Temperature Controller


The combination of a heavy-duty step transformer with Enviro-Sense™ Night-Pulse™ and Dynamic-Mode™ brings together the 5th generation of this style of controller..

The DigiStep™ Temperature Controller delivers more dynamic fan speed control and improved accuracy than more traditional ‘hybrid’ style controllers.

Set target room temperature and the DigiStep™ Temperature Controller will make predictive changes to intake and outtake fan speed to maintain the set temperature.

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  • Controls up to 2 fans
  • Smoother, more accurate ‘hybrid’ style controller
  • Fixed temperature sensor NTC 3m
  • Fixed Night-Pulse™ sensor LDR 3m
  • Integral wall mount
  • Power lead 3m
  • 2 year warranty
  • CE Certified


Dynamic fan speed control. Smooth and fluid fan movement delivers accurate results whilst limiting unnecessary fan noise.

  • Wide range fan speed control
  • Fans always find the perfect speed
  • Smooth, fluid fan speed movement
  • No sudden jumps in fan speed


Software controlled temperature monitoring. Detects changes in room conditions and reacts quickly by adjusting fans to maintain temperature.

  • Micro-processor enabled temperature control system
  • Sensor performs routine scans of environment conditions
  • System controls temperature by making appropriate adjustments to fan speed


Synchronisation of fans for perfectly balanced airflow with no risk of air pressure loss, day or night.

  • Synchronises intake and outtake fans for perfectly balanced airflow
  • Allows precise control of temperature, humidity and CO2
  • Prevents air leaks
  • Creates a more stable environment


Controls how frequently the ENVIRO-SENSE™ system performs its routine scans of the environment. More frequent scanning means smaller increases in fan speed are needed and the controller becomes smoother and more accurate. When activated, scanning frequency can be adjusted between 120-10 seconds. When deactivated, the controller acts in regular ‘hybrid’ style mode.

  • Smoother, more dynamic fan control
  • Improved accuracy
  • Controller can be calibrated to suit individual room characteristics
  • User activated


Improves nighttime conditions by allowing the room to ‘breath’ during the dark cycle. Gentle air changes at night keeps air fresh and maintains a healthy growing environment.

  • Activates a short, gentle pulse of airflow at strategic points during the dark cycle
  • Clears stale air, airborne contaminants and excess humidity
  • Maintains a healthy growing environment to reduce the risk of disease
  • User activated


Ensures silent fan speed control with no humming or buzzing.

  • Eliminates the interference that causes fan motors to hum or buzz
  • Perfectly silent fan operation, even at lower speeds