Grow with Hydroponics, everything you need to succeed.

Hydroponic Grow Systems

Grow systems are designed to give growers bigger yields and faster growth. Grow with hydroponics for huge yields time after time.

Whether you are looking for a single pot or a multi-plant system, timed or constant feeding, we are sure to have a grow system to suit you.

Maxibright Daylight LED

Grow Lighting

Growing successfully either indoors or outdoors requires adequate light.

We offer a wide range of grow lights, whether you are looking to supplement the light in your greenhouse or grow indoors, we are sure to have the right light for you. From Maxibright LEDs to Streetlight HPS kits to fluorescent and LED strips for propagation.


Growing Media

Pest & Disease Control


Plant Propagation

Growing from seed or cutting is a fulfilling activity and we have lots of propagators and propagating equipment to help you grow your seedlings into strong, healthy plants.

Fans, Filter & Air Control

Grow Tents & Sheeting